Welcome to Bangladesh Welfare Centre & Newbury Jamme Masjid (Charity Number 1115793)


COMMUNITY IFTAR on 24/05/2018 at 8.30 pm, at Newbury Mosque (33 Pound Street Newbury RG14 6AE)



Dear Brothers and Sisters.....We would like to thank Allah swt and all who donated or gave Qaraz Hasna (interest free loan) to buy (Purchading outright) the New Newbury Mosque building at pound court.
Every single penny that was donated or given as Qaraz e Hasna has been used to pay for this building, we Alhamdollilah didnot need to take any mortgage or loan from a bank.

We will be building up plans for future of this New Newbury Freehold Mosque and to return the Qaraz Hasna given by brothers and sisters, if you would like to be involved please feel free to get in touch.

Please pay your Donations direct into our bank account:

Name of Beneficiary:
Bangladesh Welfare Centre
Beneficiary’s Bank & Branch:
HSBC Newbury Berkshire
Sort Code:
Account No:

'Not In My Name!' - interfaith community march in Newbury for Victims of London Westminister Attack


Newbury Jamme Masjid is the First mosque built in Newbury Berkshire United Kingdom, it was built in 2000 and opened to the public in 2000. A vast number of people visit this mosque every year.

The Newbury Jamme Mosque & Bangladesh Welfare Centre are open to visitors throughout the year. We receive a large number of visitors from schools, colleges, and other institutions wishing to find out more about the mosque and the Islamic faith for projects and studies. Newbury Jamme Mosque is known for reference and advocacy of Muslims and Islamic Issues. The mosque’s congregation and staff have been the subject of numerous television and news features in recent years. Much of the media focuses on the mosque’s involvement in national and international human rights and political issues as well as the mosque’s inter-faith alliances. Since the mosque was built, it has become a focal point for the Muslim community. Over the years, Muslims/non-Muslims have used this mosque’s premises for events such as meetings, lectures, studies, community and educational purposes.

*Note: We have special facililes for women for Daily Prayers, Friday Prayer (during Second Jammah), Traweeh Prayer (during Ramadhan only, first Traweeh) and Eid Prayer (First Jammat) in the mosque, please contact us if you are interested in joining the daily prayers, Friday Prayer, Traweeh Prayer (during Ramadhan only) and Eid Prayer, so that we can advise you accordingly.



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